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Match the shade of your natural teeth, composite fillings stop cavities from getting bigger or permanently damaging your tooth and are a virtually invisible solution.
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Restore the natural look and feel of teeth

At our dental office, dental fillings are the most frequently performed procedure. These fillings repair and restore teeth, preventing painful decay or infection that may require more extensive treatment. We utilize colour-matched composite resin fillings, which bond extremely well with the tooth and can fill even the smallest spaces, reducing the need for excessive drilling. Unlike amalgam (metal) fillings, these tooth-coloured fillings provide a more natural look.

Why Are Fillings So Important?

Although many may view getting a filling as an unwanted task, it’s crucial to address cavities early on. Delaying treatment can lead to more significant issues down the road. By opting for fillings, you can prevent cavities from worsening and avoid painful infections or abscesses from developing. Additionally, fillings can strengthen weakened teeth, save you money in the long run, and even reduce sensitivity to hot and cold. Ultimately, getting fillings can help preserve your natural smile, allowing you to feel confident and comfortable for years to come.

How Is A Cavity Filled?

Comfortable freezing technique

To ensure your comfort during the procedure, we’ll take the time to carefully numb your gums before we begin. While this step may cause some people to feel anxious, it’s important to note that the freezing will effectively numb your teeth and surrounding area. As a result, you’ll hardly feel a thing during the procedure.

Restoring Filling the Tooth

Once we’ve confirmed that you’re comfortably frozen, we’ll carefully clean and prepare your tooth. Next, we’ll apply an adhesive gel to the affected area and mold and sculpt a composite resin (tooth-coloured filling material) to match your natural contours or bite.

Curing the Composite

After filling or bonding your tooth with composite resin, a special LED light is used to quickly cure and harden the material. The dentist will then thoroughly examine your newly restored tooth, making any necessary finishing touches before giving it a final polish.

The Cost Of A Filling In Halifax

Fillings are a routine and effective method for preventing and addressing dental problems. Most insurance companies recognize their importance and provide significant coverage for them, with costs ranging from $0 to $100+ depending on your plan. If you don’t have dental insurance, you can expect to pay anywhere from $120 to $300 and up, particularly if multiple fillings are necessary.

When determining the actual cost of your treatment, we consider several factors to ensure an accurate estimate. These include your current oral health, the number and location of the fillings needed, whether new x-rays are required, the amount of time needed to complete the procedure, and the necessary equipment and supplies. Our goal is to provide you with high-quality, personalized care at an affordable price, and we strive to ensure that each patient feels comfortable and confident throughout their visit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Composite fillings are made of a tooth-coloured resin material that blends in seamlessly with your natural teeth, while metal fillings are made of an amalgam of metals and can be easily seen in your mouth.

Composite fillings offer several benefits, including their natural appearance, durability, and the fact that they require less drilling than metal fillings.

Composite fillings can last for up to 10 years or more with proper care and maintenance.

While it is possible for a composite filling to fall out, it is rare. With proper care and maintenance, your fillings should stay in place for several years.

The amount of time it takes to get a composite filling will depend on the size and location of the cavity. In general, the procedure takes about an hour or less.

Composite fillings can stain over time if they are exposed to certain foods and beverages, such as coffee or tea.

To care for your composite fillings, you should brush and floss regularly, avoid chewing on hard objects, and visit your dentist for regular check-ups and cleanings.

No, composite fillings do not require any special maintenance. However, you should continue to practice good oral hygiene to ensure the longevity of your fillings.

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